What is your image of a medical dish?
The Oriental medicine concept is to choose what to eat and how to cook according to the season and physical condition. Changing your choice of familiar ingredients in the kitchen will change your body and mind.

If you feel unwell, feel worried about your skin, feel uncomfortable, or feel unwell due to western medicine, please come and listen.

・Date:October 27(日)Time: 16:00-18:00
・Place:OCC Room 614

▼Speakers Profile: 
・Okayama Mayumi; Pharmacist; Medicinal cooking classHerbal kitchen」Teacher


“How to Listen” with Shun Jinnai

This is a seminar where you can learn specific techniques and attitudes related to listening. If you can really say “listening”, everything from work relationships, marital relationships, and evangelism will improve. You can learn to love people through listening through workshops. Would you like to take this opportunity to acquire the listening technology that is the “ultimate meta technology” that is not taught at school?

Date: Saturday, September 28, 13: 00-15: 00
Place: Ochanomizu Christian Center, 6th floor, Room 614 LINK
For applications and inquiries, please use the the contact form on the LINK home page, clearly stating “Inquiry / Request for Listeners Seminar”.

Shun Jinnai

(Born 1977)

Born in Aichi Prefecture. Worked at the city hall as a veterinarian until age 30. Volunteer activities for “listening to people for free” and “Hearing Volunteers” started at Toyohashi Station in 2004 and spreading throughout the country. In 2008, he moved overseas and development assistance work and was involved in NGO activities in Asia and Africa. Since then, as one of the leaders of the NGO “The Circle of Friends of the Voiceless”, he has been practicing and enlightening “Implementation of familiar neighbor love” in Japan and overseas.

Organized the seminar “Yonideshi Seminar” for adult Christians from 2017. From that same year, he taught university students in the Department of Animal Science as a part-time lecturer at Teikyo University of Science on understanding animals based on a biblical view of the world. He has lectured at educational institutions from kindergarten to high school and medical and welfare institutions such as hospitals. Pastor Nerima Grace Chapel.

Hobbies are cooking, reading, movies, cooking, watching comedy, muscle training

Homepage Workshop for beginners

Workshop to create a church website. August 31, 2019 😇💻

Thanks for your interest, but this workshop is full. Wait for more to come.☺️


Create a Homepage for your Church

(For Beginners)

Date: August 31, 2019 at OCC 6th Floor

Time: From 12:00 until 18:00

Flyer Design Workshop

The first workshop was held January – February 2019.

Watch a YouTube clip about the workshop:

(After clicking the image, seleckt “Watch this video on YouTube”)