We have to make a big announcement today!
We have decided to take a break for a while with the Shinkjuku Gospel Hiphop class. June 25 2019 will be the last lesson before the break.
We do thank you all for your interest in these events and your participation in it.
At this this moment, we can’t say when we will restart the events again, but we’ll be praying and planning towards the restart. If you are interested in what will come in the future, please keep the Line group and we will let you know.

We do look forward to be able again to dance with you guys.

Shinjuku Free Hip-Hop Dance Class

Shinjuku Gospel Street Dance is an OMF-LINK ministry to reach young adults.

JP Carvalho, an OMF missionary from Brazil, started this class in May 2016.

The Shinjuku Gospel Dance class is open to Christians and non-Christians alike. They perform at various events and hope to show the love of Christ through hip-hop dancing.

If you would like to know more about this class, or are interested in attending, please use the contact form.

Place: ShinjukuMyStudio-Studio (
Time: Tuesdays 8pm~10pm