We feel there is a great need in the Tokyo area for Christian young adults to get together to fellowship and read the Bible together.  Such gatherings can also be great opportunities for non-Christians to learn about the Bible and the Christian worldview in a friendly and casual enviroment. 

 In light of this we desire to see small groups started in different locations around Tokyo for people, both Christians and non-Christians and regardless of age, to meet and enjoy a meal together, while thinking and sharing about life and the Bible.  We hope that these groups will offer a time of encouragement and refreshment to all who attend. 

 All are welcome and the groups are interdenominational.

 If you would like to start such a group and would like our help, please let us know.
If you would like there to be a group near your home or working place, let us know and we will try to get a group together.

Existing small groups

1st Group – OchaBasic

At Ochnanomizu Christian Center Room 614;
1-2 times a month on Saturdays

2nd Group –

Ocha Small Group

Place: Ochnanomizu Christian Center Room 614
Every Wendesday 19:30 – 21:30

3rd Group –

Bible Study for singles

Place: Ochnanomizu Christian Center Room 614
Once a month

4th Group –

Small Group for prayer

Place: Ochnanomizu Christian Center Room 614
once a month on a Friday night – 20:00 – 21:30

Contact us for more details